Gerrit Franken


Gerrit Franken, graduated economist at Tilburg University, is active in the telecommunications sector since 1994. he held until 2016 various roles within the current company Allinq. Specify, design, build, manage and maintain information networks have his attention. The creation and expansion of companies / business units to play a significant role in this market is its passion. Ultimately, the goal is to make the information available to make a positive contribution in terms of prosperity and welfare to society. Personal motto: everything has already been invented, mankind has only not yet discovered ..... or forget it! Knowledge and information sharing is the greatest good to advance humanity.

Since January 2016 Gerrit operates from his company GLOcaliX, global concepts make available locally, and vice versa, active in several areas of the telecommunications market.

Within The Broadband Factory Gerrit is charged with developing vision, mission, objectives, strategy and associated business case. Add Customizable focus and real value by doing something different and better are the starting point.