Services performed by The Broadband Factory are:

  • Advice and support in development of business opportunities for telecom broadband owners
  • Inventory and (feasibility) studies of certain (rural) landscapes commissioned by promoters.
  • GIS-analysis
  • NGA-analysis
  • Site surveys, Trenching, PoP-locations, Structures etc.
  • Research into the broadbandyield of addresses in a particular area
  • High Level Design physical layer broadband networks, based on all relevant technologies such as FTTx, VDSL, HFC, 4G, PTP, PON etc.
  • Design of a specific network concept for a specific landscape
  • Producing designdocumentation, such as manuals, Requirements, Labeldocumentation, Spliceplans etc.
  • Development of floorplans and cabinet configurations
  • Bill of Materials, Costcalculations
  • Organize, manage and execute engineering. Supporting the establishment of engineering productionlines
  • Built support
  • Network upgrades
  • Development of 'smart' network and manufacturing techniques to reduce TCO
  • Development of specific tools or instruments
  • Various IT services related to Asset Management
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